3DB/Seeper - Services & Portfolio

Immersive Experience Design

We have partnered with the UK based company seeper and become their exclusive agents in middle east. Seeper are an immersive experience design studio and innovation lab who create world class, immerive experinces by combining passion for innovation with creative storytelling.

Their team of artists, inventors, engineers, designers, and planners are dedicated to designing and delivering events, activations and attractions from concept through to production.

Seeper look at events holistically by designing the visitor journey from the moment guests hear about the event right through to sharing feedback and experiences. They consider physical, digital and hybrid touch points for each visitor journey that help create experiences and events that entice audiences and exceed goals.

Seeper have been creating some of the world's most advanced interactive and immersive experiences since 1998. Their events and attractions have amazed millions of people in over 20 countries around the world.